California Dispensary and Delivery Service Opportunity

GreenZone Properties is starting a new Regulation A+ Fund geared toward getting Non-Accredited Investors the same sort of opportunities and financial returns normally reserved strictly for Accredited Investors.  It only takes a minimum of $10K to get started.

Cannabis has helped with Parkinson’s to Epilepsy and from Anxiety to PSD, I haven’t found anything else that has so many overall positive medicinal results on such a wide range of ailments

Cannabis is LEGAL for recreational use in California in:








A New Opportunity

Our new fund will allow investors (accredited and non-accredited alike) to be a part of the California Cannabis Craze in a way that’s not available anywhere else.

We will be offering investors the chance to be a part of something huge. Some of the opportunities that we’re currently working on include:

  • A dispensary in Southern California
  • A delivery service in Southern California
  • A commercial “downtown” building with a cannabis friendly restaurant and lounge
  • Cannabis friendly social events such as dinners, boating, winery tours, etc.
  • Cultivation/grow sites
  • Selling manufacturing equipment used by cannabis professionals

It Starts on January 1st 2018

This New Year, recreational use of cannabis will become legal in the nation’s most populated state, with a potential market of $33 Billion. If you thought Colorado was a big deal, just wait!

GreenZone is positioning itself to be at the forefront of this wave, with plans to be one of the biggest players in the industry. Will you join us or simply watch from the sidelines as this once in a lifetime opportunity unfolds?

  • Founders Fee ($250K) 53%

Are You Ready To Get Involved Today?

While we want to make this rare opportunity available to as many people as possible, we’re not just accepting money from any and everyone. It’s important to us that you fully understand what’s being offered. We’re about building long-term relationships with investors.

Give us a call today at 800-515-3141 to learn more or fill out the form below and we’ll give you a call.