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“With our Reg D Fund we are using Commercial Real Estate to get into the Cannabis BOOM without getting INTO the Cannabis BUSINESS, and build generational wealth before it’s too late!” – Pete Asmus

GreenZone Properties LLC is a real estate company based in Murrieta, California, that provides property acquisition, development and management services. Our primary focus is on Properties inside municipalities “Green Zone” or [Zoned for Cannabis Cultivation, Manufacturing and Dispensing]. Our main goal is in the next 5 years to become the largest Landholder of Green Zoned Properties. We have funds for every project we do to insure our investors the highest level of security. We will probably make Generational Wealth for ourselves, our clients and our Investors.

“We are focusing on development for the next 3-5 years to become one of the premier Developers in this sector as it continues to expand.” – Pete Asmus

Commercial Cannabis Real Estate


Our Vision is within the next 5-8 years is to become the largest Landholder of Green Zoned Properites.  Our Mission is to accomplish this through the acquisition of commercial real estate properties we can then lease-back to qualified tenants in the Cannabis Industry.  For us at GreenZone Properties this is the foundation of what we are doing.


We feel at GreenZone Properties LLC that, no matter what happens, as the Cannabis Industry begins to explode over the next 5-8 years Nationally, that GREEN ZONED PROPERTIES are always going to be the best strategy for growth and stability [as real estate is in ANY sector].

With all the uncertainty in this emerging industry real estate is the one factor you can count on.  At GreenZone Properties we are buying the landscape in this arena and GZP will be the largest GreenZone Property Management and Development Co. in the country.   We believe we can accomplish this because of how we work with and take care of our investors in perpetuity.  For our CEO Pete Asmus, he understands the power and value of our investors, so he personally insured that after each investor was paid back they were able to retain a percentage in perpetuity.  For him this was the biggest piece, he wanted to make sure that he was helping build multi-generational wealth for his investors as well as his own family.

So everyday we are looking for properties within this zone that fit our criteria to put into our portfolio.  We are building a strong brand awareness along with solid investment models that are designed to build multi-generational wealth for our families and our investors.  We only work with people we enjoy working with at this point, we’ve been doing this long enough we don’t need to just close a deal or get capital.

WE DON’T ACCEPT EVERYONE.  Please understand this is just as much a relationship for us as it is for you, together we are investing in long term relationships that we can both prosper from.   When we do our intro or discovery as much as you are interviewing us and feeling us out to see if you want to work with us, we are doing the same.  In order for us to have a successful relationship it all comes down to expectations.  Our main goal is to make sure everyone’s expectations are realistic and then we do everything in our power to SHATTER those expectations.


Are you interested in finding out more about what our projects look like or do you want to see a deal?  Then click the button below and check out our Opportunties page!  We are looking for Accredited Investors for most of our projects.  If you are a non accredited investor then click here and let’s set up a time to chat and see if there is a way to help you move forward!

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Do you have land or a property that is in the GREENZONE and you feel it might fit our business Model and you want to Sell it to us or Joint Venture?

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